Every household needs good gloves, such as laundry, cooking, washing dishes, washing vegetables, shampooing, dyeing hair, baking oil, cleaning, plastering cement, painting, painting, repairing, planting flowers and grass, farming and fertilizing, etc. That is, dirty hands, hurt hands, and even unsanitary and unsafe. In the cold winter, people are often in direct contact with cold water, and cold air and moisture can easily penetrate the body, causing colds and rheumatism. These little things in life greatly affect our health. Putting on a good pair of gloves will solve all the above problems! So you must have a good pair of gloves.Our company has a good glove specially made, it is this super durable latex glove. This glove is of good quality, resistant to cold, frost and high temperature, does not harden in winter, does not melt in summer, and has good elasticity and toughness. These gloves are crafted from pure natural latex for durability.Comfortable to wear, free from oxidants and silicone oils, greases and salts,Strong tensile strength, puncture resistance, not easy to be damaged.